We have years of experience and love your animals like our own!



Andrea has been the manager of Hound Huddle for 9 years. She fostered Labs for over 13 years and saved over 100 dogs. She has 3 Labs of her own which she spends most of her free time with. Andrea is always met with doggie kisses.


Daycare Attendant

Abby has been working at Hound Huddle for over 3 years & the dogs absolutely love seeing her smiling face. Abby brings her dog Benny to daycare with her & he always has a blast. Abby does pet sitting outside of Hound Huddle with her friend Hannah!


Daycare Attendant

Hannah has been working at Hound Huddle for a little over two years & she loves coming to work and hanging out with all the dogs. Hannah brings her puppy Nala to daycare with her & she loves how worn out she is afterwards! Hannah does pet sitting outside of Hound Huddle with her friend Abby.


Daycare Attendant

Casey has been a great addition to our team. He brings his dog Pickles to daycare and all the dogs are excited to see Casey and Pickels enter the daycare room. Casey's favorite "Job" at daycare is to run around outside with as many dogs as he can get to follow him.


Daycare Attendant

Chris joined the Hound Huddle team, and the dogs (and employees) loved him immediately. The dogs are so excited to see him every day and he surprises them with his funny antics. Chris brings along his boxer Millie to daycare and Chris swears she acts so much younger after playing with all our pups.


Daycare Attendant

Kyrsten has worked for Hound Huddle for a year and the dogs just love her. We think they see her smiling face and absorb her happy energy. Kyrsten has 2 dogs of her own that enjoy coming to daycare. Kyrsten is in her 2nd year of college at UW-Platteville.